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A Reflective Photo Story by Ryan Demuynck

       First, let me say thank you for finding this page! If you're reading this, I'll guarantee you've faced the endless wave of life with its ups and downs. As a surfer, being aware, patient, and calm has always been second nature to me. Even with these traits ingrained in me and being able to get through many up and down cycles better than most, I was completely blindsided recently and was knocked down hard and unable to get myself to see the light at the end of the tunnel even though I knew it was there.

       Light's a personal photography project that's going to be a powerful photo book that will allow viewers to be reminded of life's sinusoidal wave and reflect on their own life personally. Light will take viewers on a visual journey depicting people at their seemingly "perfect" life that will transition to showing them at their lowest point and then back to a neutral ground where they are now stronger than ever. Light, is the perfect title as it represents everything the book is about. My photography will be utilizing light to create dynamic images, you feel lighthearted when life is "perfect", you look for light at the end of the tunnel when life is kicking you in the ass, and light is essential to life! 

       To best keep up with Light's progress, please follow my Instagram page (@SpaceCoastPhotographs) and check back here periodically. This project will not be rushed since it's a personal one and I plan to travel quite a bit in the process to ensure I capture the photos I envision. Thank you for your interest!

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